Emotion Courses On the Web

Of Particular Interest

Are listed below only classes which are mainly devoted to the teaching of topics related to emotion
  • James Gross: Seminar on Emotion: Stanford University.
  • Paul Thagard: Emotion and Reason: University of Waterloo, Fall 2000.
  • David Huron: Music and Emotion: Ohio State University. Music 829D.
  • Seminar in Emotion and Motivation: California State University, Northridge.
  • Jerry Boucher: Psychology of Emotion: University of San Francisco.
  • Emotion: Psychology Dept, APU university, Cambridge, UK
  • Cognition and Emotion: University of Essex

  • Of General Interest

  • Charles J Long: Physiological Psychology: University of Memphis Neuropsychology Program.
  • Walter J Freeman: Brain, Mind and Behavior: University of California at Berkeley


    Note: If you know of additional educational material on line, explicitely related to the study of emotion, please email us and let us know...!

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